A Matter of Honor is a non-profit organization that relies entirely on contributions from people like you!

About Us

OUR MISSIONMedal of Honor

Creating a pathway to bring hearts home by opening to new ideas and uniting our efforts to better the lives of those affected by military PTSD. 


A Matter of Honor is the most prevalent voice and the leading resource in the education of Americans regarding PTSD.  It serves to inform the nation about the genesis and nature of the symptoms, the scope and breadth of the impact on our society and the evolving and innovative treatment methodologies and prevention strategies.  A Matter of Honor is committed to the concept that an informed America will forge new paths to healthier outcomes for our warriors and our nation.


Vice President - Richard Edmonds, Warner Law

Secretary/Treasurer - Susan Soffredine Rauser, Susan Soffredine Rauser State Farm Insurance Agency

Kimberly Wattles, Leader Dogs

Ralph Mittelberger

Executive Director - Linda Fletcher

Linda Fletcher